Download FlashFund App – How To Do Fake Bank Alerts In Nigeria 2022

How To Do Fake Transfer In Nigeria

Download FlashFund App – How To Do Fake Bank Alerts In Nigeria 2022 

Almost everyone reading this page is aware that Fake Bank alerts do exist and there are many mobile and PC Applications for sending fake bank alerts. If you are looking for how to make a fake bank alert In Nigeria, this post will surely be of help a lot but as you do, be sure to understand the consequences behind sending fake bank alerts, especially in Nigeria.

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By the End of this Post You will Learn:

  1. How to do Fake Alerts using Your Mobile Phone And PC

  2. Best Mobile Apps for Fake bank alert

  3. Dangers involved in sending fake alerts to clients and how to avoid them

As hustlers, we are approaching December, and we need to do some shopping without our money. Most of us haven’t picked any cash this year, but we need to buy things and enjoy them. This is why I want to show you how to do a fake bank alert, especially if you are in Nigeria. This is one of the Tricky ways to make money, and it is so simple that anyone with just a mobile phone can do it.

Before we continue, I want to inform you that this tip is very dangerous, and you can be arrested for trying this on anybody. Before you decide to send someone a fake bank alert, you should be sure that you can escape if anything comes up.

Most times, I recommend that you do it at night when no one can see your face. Don’t try this in a public place because you will get caught, beaten, and arrested.

To do a fake bank alert is very simple – but it requires the use of some simple tools all over the internet. I have done it twice in the past and was successful. So if you want to try your own, I wish you good luck.

We will be looking at the two popular apps you can use and send a fake bank credit alert to anybody. I will also show you how to use them well and make the fraudulent transfer.

Apps for Fake Transfering in Nigeria:

There is two popular software for fake bank alerts to dupe any client. It is advisable to download the app for fake bank alerts than the one for software. It is just like creating a fake bank account online, but this time, you can’t deposit money. All you can do is use your text message to create a fake bank alert as a deposit alert on your phone.

The one for your phone can be carried around, and it can look like a regular mobile bank app. Most of them even come in red and orange colors, which will make it look like a bank app.

The two I will be writing about today are;

Before you run out to download immediately, make sure you read this post to the end and know how to use it. I will still write in the Bank alert format and see how to trick your client into believing you.

This post is basically about how to use the app, so let’s go into details properly.

How to do fake bank alert in Nigeria with Apps

These are the two apps you can use to send fake credit bank alerts. I have also included a step-by-step process to get started.

Fake SMS

The Fake SMS app is available for Android currently, and development is underway to support iOS.

Using this app is simple. Navigate to Play Store and search “Fake SMS”. Install the app and type the fake bank message you want to send to someone.

The app functionality may not be the best, but many scammers use it to collect items free and get away with it.

FlashFund Tool

This is a unique hacking tool that hustlers use to do fake bank alerts within minutes because it is elementary to use. It has over one million downloads both on PC and the Mobile version. So you can choose to install it anywhere you wish.

How Does the Flash Fund Tool work?

Install the App

Once you’ve downloaded the app, then go ahead to install the app on your mobile or PC device.

Activate the App with your purchased code

You will be asked to enter your activation to enable you to log in.

Flash the Funds

Every other thing works automatically to be able to send a fake bank alert. Once you have started the flash funds, the account holder will receive the credit alert just like they receive from their banks.

With the advanced tool, the person’s balance would become updated but will still disappear after 24 hours.

The account holder you want to send the fake bank alert to will receive an SMS alert of your deposit. The flashing wizard decrypts the bank information by injecting some virus into the database, thereby distorting their database information. To re-inform you, this process lasts for 24 hours, so make sure you are fast and move out of where they will catch you after 24 hours.

Click To Purchase FlashFund App On WhatsApp if you need it.



This is another powerful app that people use to do fake bank alerts. I will use a pictorial diagram to explain how it is used to send the fake bank transfer alert.
Download the App

Fake SMS for fake transfer in Nigeria
Fake SMS for fake transfer in Nigeria

The name of the App is SMS ALERT Application. You can always download it from Google Playstore. 

Install the App

The next thing is to click on install and let the app install from Google Playstore. You don’t have to pay anything. If you haven’t installed the Loftysms APP, you will be seeing Install instead of uninstalling where the arrow is


Open the App and Register

If you are a beginner, you must register your details before you start using the account. The app is secured so that nobody will track you with your details.

Once you open the app, you will see a place to create a new account. Just click where I placed the arrow and fill in your details.


Log into the App

After creating an account, the next step is to log in with the details you used while creating your account. You will input;

  • Email
  • Password
  • Then click Log in

Visit the Interface and Create your Fake Alert

Once you have gotten to this interface, your job is almost completed. You should then click on “Send SMS,” and you will be directed to where you will create the SMS. It is very simple, and it opens like a regular mobile bank application.

Go Ahead and Create the Fake Bank Alert

After clicking on “Send SMS,” another interface opens. Once this interface opens, you will input the following details;

Sender ID: This is the name of your banks that will send you the alert to your phone.

Recipients: is your phone number and where you will get the alert

Message: This is where you will type the debit alert that usually comes from the banks. Make sure you know your own bank’s format before sending it.



What Happens Next After Sending the Fake Bank Alert to Your Phone?

You will send the fake bank alert to your phone and show the person you are buying the goods from that your bank has debited you.

After showing him, wait for a minute and start acting restless like you are in a hurry… So he will propose that you carry the product and go.

Assure the seller that they will receive alerts in minutes. This is how to do a fake bank alert and send it to anybody selling anything you want.

If they say no that they must get the debit, wait a minute, and claim that the bank has even returned the money due to the network. Once you do this, move away from the shop as fast as possible and try somewhere else.


Remember that you have to be careful while doing this. I will recommend that you come with another person so that nobody will harass you easily.

I wish you happy hunting this season – remain safe and hustle well. If you love this post, share it with your friends.

Click Here To Purchase Flashfund App From Me On WhatsApp Now.

Importance notice!

Flashfund App cost $80, kindly please only DM me if you can afford that, or better still use the FAKE SMS Sender which can be downloaded in the App stores if you cant afford it, just that it’s not so safe like the real Flashfund and can get you in trouble if not used properly. thank you

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