How to Cash a Check with Expired ID

How to cash a check with expired ID? If you have an expired ID, you can still be able to cash your check. In the US, for example, the legal requirement is enforced for an active ID to cash a check, but it may not be the case if you cash a small amount of money.

How to cash a check with expired ID
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However, banks and other cashing institutions have stricter policies that typically prevent you from cashing your check with an expired photo ID. The purpose of this policy is to eliminate the risk of a criminal cashing a check and getting with it or to prevent money smuggling. Besides, if the check bounces, it will be difficult for the bank to locate you.

Although you may be able to cash with an expired ID, it is even easier to present any other acceptable form of identification. Find out from the check-cashing outlet beforehand to know their requirements if someone has an expired ID.

Can You Cash a Check if ID Expired?

In most cases, if the ID expired recently, and is a photo ID clearly showing your face, you may be considered if you have other documents to back it up. This also depends on the person or institution cashing your check and the amount involved. Some check cashing stores will accept almost anything, so, far they can establish trust with you, depending on the cash amount. However, they may charge higher or additional fees than if your ID is valid. You can also convince a bank teller to accept to cash your check with an expired ID. If it is a busy day, a teller might take the expired ID without even checking whether or not it is up to date. But this may return to haunt them in the workplace.

How to Cash a Check with Expired ID

There are many ways you can cash your check using an expired ID even though only a valid ID is acceptable. Below are the ways you follow:

  1. Sign Over the Check

You can be able to cash a check with an expired ID if you sign it over to someone that you know. It could be your family member or a friend. They will deposit the check in their checking account and give your cash after the check clears.

  1. Deposit Your Check in the ATM

If you have a bank credit union or bank account, you can cash your check with your expired photo ID. You will simply use the ATM to deposit the check into your bank account using your debit card. The funds will be available for withdrawal after about two days from the day you deposit it into your bank account.

If you have no bank account, some banks allow you to open one online if you have legitimate and accurate information. You can then deposit your check and cash it later. You have to verify your account identity and this means you need to get a valid ID.

  1. Use a Mobile App

You can use a mobile app such as Ingo phone to deposit your check through mobile deposit without even needing your expired ID. However, ensure that the information you provide is correct. You can then have the funds transferred to your Ingo prepaid card.

  1. Meet Your Bank’s Teller or Manager

Can I cash a check with an out of date ID

Honestly, an expired ID means it is no longer legally valid. Therefore, no bank or check cashing institution would want to be associated with it. Nevertheless, some people cash their checks on the basis of personal relationships.

You may be able to cash at your bank if you know the banker, teller, or manager. The person should know you by name, or perhaps be a consistent customer. This person may then accept your expired ID just to be sure it is you. Note that the bank official may not cash your check if your ID expired a long time. The banker will also ask you certain security questions to be sure you own the account.

Nevertheless, if the bank in question is your bank, i.e., you have an account with them, Your ATM card and PIN should be enough to convince the bank that you own the check. Since the bank has your imaging system and signature, they can refer to your data for your identity verification. The bank merely asks for your ID to speed up the identification process. Since they may be willing to help, they will provide you with alternatives to your expired ID.

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  1. Use the Credit Union

You can use a credit union that will agree to be responsible for cashing your check on your behalf. This also includes if the check bounces. You simply endorse the check to the credit union to cash it in their name and give you cash.


Can you cash a check at Walmart without ID?

Walmart does not accept an expired ID to cash a check. At Walmart, even employees that know you in person will turn down your request to cash with an expired ID. They will inform you that your photo ID is out of date because it is the company’s policy and not theirs. Besides, every Walmart employee must produce their current and valid ID to be able to cash their payroll check.

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Can you a check at the bank with an expired ID?

Unfortunately, banks do not accept an expired photo ID to cash a check, however, a bank can accept your passport in place of an ID. Before you visit any bank branch with an expired ID, give them a call before you stop by. The Citizens Bank, for instance, will not cash your check if you have an expired ID.

Final Thoughts

Apart from your expired photo ID, there are alternate forms of ID you can use such as a passport. The bank or any cashing institution may also provide options for other acceptable forms of ID you can present to cash your check.

Meanwhile, some home banking services will allow you to deposit a scanned image of your check even without an ID. The check will be deposited into your bank account which you can withdraw when the cash is available.

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