215k Available Balance- Jumia Logs




This 200,000 Naira balance account comes with email access. You can change password or other details upon successful order.

Screenshoting all accounts is a big risk at our end, because we don’t know whose account we’ve hacked. They can also trace their accounts down here. This is Why we don’t put all shots in accounts.

However, for The doubting Thomas who might get some doubts or probably want to confirm the account you want to pay for, You can always contact us in request for a clip or account dashboard.

Here’s How we Operate :

  • ✅If You order an account and someone has already purchased it, upon your successful order we will give you Logins of same or similar Balance. “You aren’t getting anything less either”
  • ✅If You order an account and the available balance didn’t meet the Standard of what you paid for, You can always contact us for refund or replacement.
  • ✅Our Refund Policy elapse after 48hrs “This means we don’t issue refunds if Your purchase has been done for over 48hrs..
  • ✅You are Very free to report any issue regarding an account you paid for. E. G change of password before your access.” We will replace or refund
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18 thoughts on “215k Available Balance- Jumia Logs

  1. Please is this guy good because am about to buy the log
    Any advice or chat me up on WhatsApp

    1. Yes, man. You can buy it from here… I just got mine right now and they’re legit.

  2. To be honest, I was skeptical at first (and a little bit afraid as well), so I bought the smallest account for a starter. It took awhile for the data to arrive (guess the network was slow?) but it’s definitely worth my time. I’ll order one with a higher balance, just after finishing this message.

  3. First of all, I want to apologize you guys for the previous negative message I sent you. I was impatient and got panicked when the mail didn’t arrive immediately. Sorry again, please accept my apology. My data is here now, works perfectly, now I’m in the process of cashing it out. Everything went well, you’ll have a long term customer here. Feel free to post this feedback to your page, if you wish. Updateskey rocks!:)

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